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For Spec Check and Error Proofing

Component Check Tunnel

Inspection of Components in Automotive

Component Check Tunnel performs multi-error proofing capabilities to control different components. 

This way, customers can guarantee the correct part-to-spec correspondence, such as vehicle badges for type and versions, wheel safety nuts or hub types, chrome or rubber finishings, moulding colors, plate foam, traceability or legal labels, etc.

Any Kind of Component Can Be Learnt

What can the tunnel check?

We adapt to the customer needs and requirements tho perform a full Multi Error Proofing test.

Inline Tunnel for Parts

The flexibility of the system allows it to adapt to any type of line. The Multi Error Proofing Tunnel-based system has a small footprint and parts move trough in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or other means of transport.

AGV Inline Tunnel for Parts Quality Control
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Part Location

Alerts and Warranties

Optical Character Recognition


Data Matrix

Traceability and Executable Actions

100% Inline

Combination with Metrology and Surface Inspection

The Damage Inspector can be combined with Gap & Flush Measurement and Surface Inspection functionalities.

This can create an All-in-One system that checks every point of the quality control in metrology, components and paint in Final Assembly.

Remote Assistance 24 Hours

We will adapt to your needs at any place in the world thanks to our assistance team.

Our Customer Success Service is focused on promoting a proactive work culture in partnership with our customers. The purpose is to help you as a customer and end user to get more value out of your purchase and stay in close contact with us to share feedback about the installation.

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