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Checking anything for Wheels and Tire Components

Wheel and Tire Inspector

Wheel Quality Control

  • Style
  • Diameter
  • Color
  • Center Cap
  • Nuts Holes

Tire Quality Control

  • Tread Pattern
  • Tire Dimensions
  • D.O.T Code
  • Sidewall Text Validation
We Assist You to Get The Best Solution

Customizable Vision Solutions

Eines Wheel and Tire Solutions are flexible systems that check several points of wheels and tires, separated or assembled. Thanks to Big data and Traceability, we can track defects to detect and correct the root cause.

We can assist you in choosing the best solution for your plant depending on your line. The installation will have no impact and we will adapt to your production and quality specifications.

Automotive Innovation


DOT Reading

Robot Guidance

Part Identification

Error Proofing

Automatic DOT Code Reader

Using an innovative system of cameras and lasers, Eines Solutions for DOT / DOM Readinng scans the tire and obtains a three-dimensional model on which sophisticated software algorithms perform, read and analyze all the writings and symbols imprinted on the tire Automatic lettering.

We are able to provide this solution to you as an automated machine or as a handheld device.

3D Robot Guidance

We adapt our Robot Guidace solution to reach the higuest precision in assembly.

  • Valve Insertion
  • RIM Loading
  • Whatever you need
Valve Insertion Wheels
Wheel Parts Inspection

Parts Identification

The solution is based on years of tire and wheel inspection installations at multiple customer sites around the world.

  • RIM Identification System
  • Part Identification During Balancing
  • RIM Load

Error Proofing

The system can check absence and presence of different components such as spare label confirmation.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, any new component to check can be configured at any moment.

Remote Assistance 24 Hours

We will adapt to your needs at any place in the world thanks to our assistance team.

Our Customer Success Service is focused on promoting a proactive work culture in partnership with our customers. The purpose is to help you as a customer and end user to get more value out of your purchase and stay in close contact with us to share feedback about the installation.

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