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Quality Control

for Automotive

Vision Quality Control for Automotive

We Perform Vision Quality Control for anything you want

Whole Quality Check Process

We have Vision Quality Control Solutions for the whole automotive manufacturing process. Due to our customized Software, we can adapt to your needs.

Paint Surface

Any defect to detect thanks to Deep Learning
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Metrology Solutions

Check Gap and Flush and combine it with parts and paint check
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Scratch & Dent

Paint defect detection in Body Shop and Final Assembly
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Parts Check

End of Line inspection, doors, instrument panels, headliners and more
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Battery Plant

Vision Systems for the whole battery assembly adapted to your needs
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Pioneers in Vision Systems Deveopment

Automotive Quality Leaders

Pioneers in Vision Systems development

Automotive Quality Leaders

We have been leading the Automotive Quality Inspection for more than 30 years creating Vision Quality Control for Automotive.

Automated Vision Systems

We work together to adapt our new technologies to your needs.

Deep Learning Technology

We continuously improve to make our vision Quality Control technology think as a human. Therefore, our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms adapt to any situation.
Quality in energy and costs

Our Vision is Sustainability

Did you know more than 25 million units were recalled last year?

Undoubtedly, an effective quality process can help you to save costs and reduce CO2 emissions. For this reason, we apply our sustainability philosophy to every step in our value chain.

Compliance First

Always Open to Improve

For us, Compliance and our stakeholders wellness are our priorities. For this reason, if you have ever had any issue with our people that you need to report, please share the specific situation with us so we can take action.

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