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A Konica Minolta Company

Eines Vision Systems

Quality Vision Solutions for the whole manufacturing process

Eines Solutions Years
Years of Konica Minolta
Who we are?

Quality Leaders

Eines Vision Systems has become one of the leading partners of automotive manufacturers worldwide, developing complex systems and software solutions for measurement, error detection and machine vision systems.

We focus on customising and optimising our quality solutions to fulfil our customer’s needs and requirements. We have been developing and installing vision systems worldwide for more than 30 years with more than 1000 applications.

Continuous improvement is a must for us, and we are pioneers in developing technology for the Automotive Industry. Our goal is to help all manufacturers to optimise their quality processes, so we will make our technology even more efficient and sustainable.

Worldwide Presence

We are in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa installing customized solutions.

Greatest Experience

Our main focus is our customer and we assist each case to deliver the best adapted solution.

Pioneers in Development

Our Software is "homemade", so we continuously improve with the newest technologies.
Our Customers All Around the World

Worldwide Presence

Our systems are installed worldwide from Australia, Asia, Middle East and Europe to the Americas. 

Our Service Presence in all continents

Konica Minolta Synergy

Konica Minolta is more than 150 years old and its locations are spread worldwide. For this reason, Eines Vision Systems services have local service in several areas as Konica Minolta Sensing Group is located in Spain, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic and America.

Let's save together!


It is known that the automotive sector is moving towards sustainability and electrification. However, quality issues in manufacturing can lead to recalls that require a massive waste of energy and increase transport emissions.

At Eines, all our efforts are directed at helping our customers to optimize the quality process and to increase the sustainability of their products and value chains.

Ethics and compliance

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to our values, and take care of our workers to be the best to ourselves and the society.

For this reason, we have a clear policy about Compliance, Health and Safety and we are continuously improving our products to increase their quality and contribute to the environment.

Accreditation and Cerification


Vision artificial revolutionizes automotive quality control, employing advanced technologies like Deep Learning and high-resolution cameras for precise and efficient defect detection. From tolerance inspection to surface damage identification, it ensures optimal quality at every manufacturing stage. This innovative approach redefines automotive quality standards, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by delivering vehicles of the utmost excellence.

As a Konica Minolta Company

Our Phylosophy


Open and Honest

Integrity and open communication are key to long-lasting, meaningful relationships.


We are focused on exceeding customer expectations now and in the future.


Innovation drives us for continuous, future-focused groundbreaking ideas.


Our passion and determination are key to meaningful customer and societal impact.

Inclusive and Collaborative

The power of inclusiveness and collaboration is vital to come up with great ideas.


Collective responsibility is essential for a sustainable society and company.
As a Konica Minolta Company

Our Certificates

ISO 9001:2015