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dents and scratches

Eliminating Dents and Scratches: Transform Vehicle Surface Inspection

What are Surface Damages? In automotive manufacturing, Surface Damage refers to any damage that affects the visible surface of the vehicle, especially the bodywork and external components. This type of damage can be classified into two main categories: dents and scratches. How are They Produced? Dents Impacts During Transportation: During transportation, parts and complete vehicles…

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wheel and tire inspector

Advanced Wheel & Tire Inspector

Wheel and Tire Inspector: Innovation in Tire Visual Inspection An advanced Wheel & Tire Visual inspection is a crucial process in manufacturing, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards of quality and safety. In this context, Eines Vision Systems has developed a revolutionary solution: the Wheel and Tire Inspector - Automatic DOT Code Reader.…

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Battery Manufacturing Advancements in Automotive

Innovative Solutions for Battery Manufacturing Challenges Technological Innovation to Overcome Challenges in Automotive Battery Manufacturing The accelerated growth of the electric and hybrid vehicle market has positioned battery manufacturing as a crucial element within the Automotive Industry. However, this boom has also given rise to a series of challenges. These challenges that must be addressed…

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paint defects automotive

Paint Defects with Vision Systems

From craters, encrustation to impurities and drops… Not all the Paint Defects have the same characteristics and that is where the importance of properly classifying them and their complexity lies. Not all defects are treated in the same way and eliminating them from the beginning can, indeed, resolve future problems. Paint defects at the time…

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