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For Parts Check and Error Proofing

Doors Inspection

Multi Error Proofing Solution

The system analyses each door and vehicle part in a personalised way according to the customer.

It is an integrator of various component checking: electronic devices, lightning or decorative inserts, colour recognition, presence or absence of parts, relative measurements and so on.

Front and Rear doors with points to inspect
1 Ambient Light Colour/Intensity
2 Tweeter
3 Lock/unlock button
4 TIB Light
5 Armrest Light
6 Middle-Toner
7 Armrest button
8 Trunk/Fuel buttons
9 Panel light / Logo Projector
10 Safe led
11 Speaker Foam
12 Nar Crash
13 Screws / Clip / Fasteners
14 Decorative / Insert Parts
15 General connection / Harness
Big Data to Track

Deep Learning for Component Check

Thanks to Deep learning, the system can detect components with the same colour as the background where they will be located.

Using Artificial Intelligence, taken images are processed differently depending on the external light. This way, images are obtained with constant contrast parameters to ease component detection.

Features and Advantages

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Performance

Small Footprint

User Friendly and Ergonomic

Traceability and Executable Actions

Flexible and Customizable

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance

Reporting and Big Data

Remote Assistance 24 Hours

We will adapt to your needs at any place in the world thanks to our assistance team.

Our Customer Success Service is focused on promoting a proactive work culture in partnership with our customers. The purpose is to help you as a customer and end user to get more value out of your purchase and stay in close contact with us to share feedback about the installation.

Fast & Powerful

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