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From Automotive ‘’ Fit and Finish ’’ to ‘’Finished and Sold’’

Precision and Quality two different concepts?

We fully understand the importance of Fit and Finish in the Automotive Manufacturing industry. Precision and Quality are two concepts that go together when it comes to manufacturing. The smoothness of the panel joints, the consistency of the paint job, the firmness of the upholstery and the tightness of the doors are not tasks that we achieve inmediately. Adequate solutions and measures are required to be able to achieve the standards and criteria that, ultimately, determine the end client.

The impact of the firsts impressions

How can a slight error in firmness or paint influence the end customer? Perhaps they are not professionally and technically aware of a specific error, but they are aware of the overall quality and the money invested. This last, leads to a preconceived image of the identity of a car, model and even an entire brand. As a consequence, it much more difficult to show a customer the real quality behind it…

First perceptions are essential in a world where we move by first impressions. That’s where the importance of Fit and Finish resides in. A positive or negative impact can have a decisive role for the end customer. Not taking care of these processes means that the client increasingly views defects with more critical eyes and is much more attentive to any imperfection. A small error does not determine the quality in its entirety but it determines a customer’s purchasing decision.

Fit and Finish perfection

The Automotive Industry knows and must be aware of the perfection to which all fits and finishes must be subjected. Well, it is the details that make the difference. Let’s see and example in the real world:

United States, if compared to the Japanese, have considerably decreased their reputation and this will equally affect sales. Is not only to manufacture a vehicle is to give to the clients what they are asking for. That is how it works.

Modern Quality Control Methods

In the very interesting Howstuffworks article written by Christopher Lampton he covers topics related to this topic and also talks about the importance of using modern quality control methods where sophisticated measurement tools, such as laser scanners, are used to detect even minor deviations, emphasizing the importance of precision in assembly. And, from our side, we have our Award Winning Solution 2024 called the All-in-One which detects a huge amount of defects

Our conclusion

These data, as well as professional experience, suggest that poor fit and finish not only affects our perception of quality, but also cause practical problems. Some examples are: noise, leaks and aerodynamic problems. These issues represent more serious problems when it comes to passing the respective quality controls. Not only the aesthetics of the system are vital but the ergonomics of the product itself. In conclusion, taking care of the success of quality means taking care of ergonomics and adaptation to the user as well as their sales.

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