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Vision Systems for Automotive

Quality Control Solutions

We support you to create a Quality Vision Solution adapted to you

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Our Smart Solutions empower the Automotive Industry to preempt Quality Control issues throughout the Vehicle Manufacturing process.
From Press Shop to Final Assembly, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to streamline manufacturing tasks and detect defects automatically before they become a customer claim.

Exclusively  focus on the Automotive Industry, we possess a
deep understanding of our clients’ challenges, enabling us to tailor solutions
to their precise needs. Recognizing the nuanced disparities between the Automotive
sector and Vision Systems Industries is paramount, as each project and customer
demands are unique.

Specialized in solving Automotive main problems over more than
30 years.

Are you ready to make your plant Smart?

    How do we turn your Automotive Production Plant into Smart ones?

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    Paint Shop

    Surface defects, sealer check, glazing solutions
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    Metrology Solutions

    Check Gap and Flush in Body Shop and Final Assembly
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    Parts and Interiors

    Doors, headliners, instrument panels and more
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    Battery Quality

    Quality control for the whole battery assembly
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    Robot Guidance applications and customized solutions
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