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Dimensional Checking for Body Shop and final Assembly

Gap & Flush Hand-Held Device

Dimensional Measurement in any Section

Our system measures with high accuracy and repeatability. Thanks to its patented material, it can perform without surface damage.

Furthermore, it can take measurements between the same or different coloured elements, such as headlights zone, cockpits and side panels, airbags and steering wheels, etc.

Its flexibility allows customising it and choosing between a wide variety of analysis functions.

  • Can measure in different materials
  • Flexibility and portable
  • High Accuracy
Technology Combination

Merged Process with 3D Metrology Tunnel

1. Measurement

This Automated tunnel measures all the sections

2. Repair

Operators fix error points

3. Final Check

Re-check the fixed error points with handheld device to ensure they are correct now

Offline Repair

Operators fix any open points

Automotive Innovation


Gap and Flush Measurement

Reporting and Big Data

Traceability & Executable Actions

Combinable with Gap and flush Tunnel

The Most Accurate Handheld Device in the Market

Automotive Technology

Our device service combines advanced laser triangulation technology with a powerful Windows Roughed Tablet PC. The material does not need to be changed and has an ergonomic design and user-friendly interface.

Remote Assistance 24 Hours

We will adapt to your needs at any place in the world thanks to our assistance team.

Our Customer Success Service is focused on promoting a proactive work culture in partnership with our customers. The purpose is to help you as a customer and end user to get more value out of your purchase and stay in close contact with us to share feedback about the installation.

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