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Antolin and their Quality Control success with our Vision Systems

The Beginning of a Smart Relationship

A few years ago, we faced a monumental challenge. Antolin, a supplier in Automotive Industry, was trying to improve the Quality of their products in an increasingly demanding market. As Eines Vision Systems, we were determined to help them overcome this barrier and stand out in a world of high-speed, high-precision manufacturing.

A Chance Encounter

Our story with Antolin began in 2019 when we received a call from their representatives in Czech Republic. They were seeking solutions to enhance their Quality Inspection Process and had heard about our intelligent vision systems. From the very beginning, we knew this collaboration would be special.

Developing the Perfect Solution

We worked tirelessly to understand Antolin’s unique needs and develop a tailored solution that would improve their inspection process. The Smart End of Line Instrument Panel Inspector (SEOL) was born out of this collaboration. A creation that would change the way Antolin viewed Quality forever.

A Paradigm Shift

With the implementation of the Smart End of Line Instrument Panel Inspector, Antolin experienced a radical change in their production process. Efficiency improves significantly, errors were dramatically reduced, and quality became the norm. It was a moment of transformation that filled us with pride and satisfaction.

Beyond the Instrument Panels

Our partnership with Antolin didn’t stop at the Instrument Panels. Soon, our solutions expanded to cover a wide range of automotive components, from Door Panels and Headliners to Lighting Systems. Every step of the way, we were there, providing intelligent solutions for complex challenges.

Grupo antolin success

Today, Antolin has over 30 Smart Systems worldwide, including: 19 Smart Door Inspectors, 8 Smart Instrument Panels Inspectors, 2 Smart Lighting Inspectors, and 1 Smart Headliners Inspector.

Impact and Benefits

The benefits of our collaboration were evident from the beginning.  Antolin experienced significant improvements in operational efficiency, a reduction in production costs, and an enhancement in the quality of the final product. Our technology not only transformed their processes but also their reputation in the industry.

A Lasting Partnership

Today, our partnership with Antolin remains as strong as ever. We are committed to continue innovating together, exploring new frontiers, and overcoming new challenges. Together, we are creating a brighter and more efficient future for the automotive industry.


The story of our success with Antolin is a testament to what can all achieve when innovation and collaboration come together smartly. At Eines Vision Systems, we are proud to have been part of this incredible transformation and excited for what the future holds. Together, we are driving the Automotive Industry forward and redefining what is possible.

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