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A Konica Minolta event: Our Valencia Headquarters

In the spirit of making stronger ties between Konica Minolta and the huge number of companies that are part of it, last Thursday, we hosted a special event at our headquarters here in Valencia. The event aimed to showcase our open-plant facilities and connect with our colleagues at Konica Minolta worldwide, specifically in Japan.

Let’s start!

The day started with a little speech by our CEO to give a warm welcome. He talked about how our company was born and its evolution to what we now identify as Eines Vision Systems. As part of our commitment to transparency and openness, we offered an exclusive tour of our headquarters, providing insights into the heart of our operations. Attendees had the chance to witness our showroom and workshop –where all the products are proven and analysed


After the insightful tour and demonstration, we dedicated a portion of the event to an open Q&A session. This was an invaluable opportunity for our guests to gain deeper insights into our company, mission, and the industries we serve. We addressed queries about our company’s values, plans, and how we contribute to global progress.

The event concluded on a high note, we not only strengthened our ties with various countries but also celebrated the rich tapestry of diversity that defines our global community.



Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to making this event a resounding success!

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  • Javier Gil
    Posted February 3, 2024 at 9:36 am

    Personally, communication is one of the most important and pleasant needs of my daily routine. These kind of activities make a great difference. Faces, voices and names, you need to get to know all those before even thinking about trying to send a message that needs to be received. My full support for these kind of events!

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