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For Sealer and Mastic Application

Sealer Check

Sealant Verification System

Sealer Check is a measuring system that can inspect the correctness and effectiveness of the application of Sealer and Mastic.

It is able to inspect multiple parts, materials, multiple parts on different paths and check several views on the same part. 

For Any Model


Bead Continuity
Bead continuity sealer check image
Bead Width
Bead Width Sealer Check Image
Bead Length
Bead Position
Bead position sealer check photo
Bead Continuity
Bead continuity sealer check image
Big Data to Track

Customizable Vision System

Sealer Check has the ability to inspect one complete part in less than a third of a second. Thanks to Human Machine Interface, it can be used and programmed by people without vision skills. Also, it has auxiliary software to track defects and analize root causes:

  • Configuration Wizard
  • Statistics and Reports
  • History Test
Automotive Innovation



Presence and Absence

Continuity and Alignment


Position and Dimensions

Defect Detection


100% Verified Parts

Data Analysis and Storage


Traceability and Executable Actions


Reporting and Big Data

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