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All-in-One Inspection For Quality Control In The Automotive Industry


Discover how the fusion of cameras and AI reshapes daily operations and optimises workplace efficiency and safety. Don’t Miss Out! πŸš€

What will you learn?

To understand the current needs of automotive quality control.

  • Current methods of inspection and their hazards
  • A total system based on cameras and artificial intelligence
  • EINES technology to make your plant smart
  • Metrology: measurement of flush and gap, parallelism and symmetry
  • Detect Imperfections: paint defects on the car
  • Part-to-spec correspondence: validating external component
  • The importance of big data

Did you know that vision systems can manage all of this? If you want to learn more, sign up for our free virtual event.

πŸ’‘ Industry expert insights
πŸ“Š Interactive poll questions for our audience
❓ Open Q&A session at the end of the event

If you can not attend the event, but you are interested in the topic, contact us!πŸ‘‡