Feature recognition
The vision identifies the rim or tire code by checking different features:
  - Rim outer diameter and height.
  - The material of composition of the rim (Aluminum/bright – Chrome/shiny – Steel/dark).
  - Rim design, spokes recognition, number of lugs.
  - Speed limit and other stickers.
  - Tire inner, outer diameter, height.
  - Tread pattern.
  - Brand manufacturer (big characters).
  - Colored dots.
  Identification example
- User friendly
- Reliable
- Fast

  Modular personalization
  Applied technology
    - Integral system of identification.
    - Artificial Vision technology.
    - Obtaining of the exact measures of the rim to inspect.
    - High speed and quality components.
    - Continuous data capture and analysis.
    - Integration of all the process in a single product.