Main Objectives
- Overall Quality: Detect and fix Flushness and Gaps improving the Final Quality.
- Avoiding Wind Noise: Flushness and Gaps cause Wind Noise. This Noise provokes Customer dissatisfaction.
  3 Options
Static cell
Robotic cell
Manual device
  EINES Hand Held Measurement System 2.0 (Manual device)
- Powerful: The EH2 is a state-of-the-art measurement gauge that delivers the power, accuracy and functionality of    today’s automobile industry needs.
- Mobile: The EH2 sets a new standard for non contact measurement, which gives you the freedom to be more    productive and precise.
- Versatile: The EH2 combines advanced laser triangulation technology with powerful Windows Tablet PC plus an    ergonomic design resulting in the best way of doing measurement in the automotive and aerospace industry..
  - Control Software example
  Robotic cell
  - 3D guidance system
• 6 degrees of freedom
• High accuracy
• Car on wheels
• In movement guidance

  - Control Software
• It manages guidance and     measuring system
• Flexible
• User Friendly

  - Three 42” screens are showing defects position to the labour man
  Easy Calibration
    - Our Tolls are equipped with easy and friendly calibration wizards.
    - Good Calibration after installation improves the system performance.
  Clear advantages
    - There is not contact between sensor and piece (higher durability).
    - Very quick system, (saving cycle time).
    - More reliability, it can measure any axis or angles.
    - More elements delimited, (it is obtained the measurement of several parts of the piece).
    - Real 3D measurement
    - Higher Flexibility: Separated Items (Laser - Camera) could be mounted in any scenario or circumstance.