All in one solution
- Prescan on the area: Checking the surface previously to the marking    process to avoid any small object on it.
- Guidance adjustment: The new EDS ir ruggedly designed. It can take    up to 10.000 3D profiles per second.
- Depth measurement: The EDS never touches your product.
- Queue control: When the sensor is robot mounted you achieve    unlimited freedom to scan complex surfaces.
  EINES Vin Marking System
  Key advantages
    - Strong and protected: It comes in a IP65 aluminium case.
    - Fast: Fastest available. It can take up to 10.000 3D profiles per second.
    - Easy to use: Thanks to the EINES easy to follow assistants, you do not need to care about complex vision       parameters.
    - No surface damage: The EDS never touches your product, and does the job even in difficult positions.
    - On-screen graphics.
    - Proven precision: Amazing precision 15 microns.